Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Sexy Hyuna Criticized Caught Lip Sync

4minute currently promoting their latest album 'Volume Up' on various television programs. But the sexy Hyuna criticized because some people get caught singing lipsync.

4minute appear on KBS 'Music Bank' last week. When the time came for the sexy Hyuna sing, he just looks to dance without moving his lips at all.

Critics were immediately flooded. Video and screen capture the incident was circulated on various forums Kpop.

Cube Entertainment's agency later apologized on behalf of Hyuna. They also promised such incidents will not happen again.

"It happened by mistake while recording. Should be part of it was aired on television. We will be more careful to keep such errors from recurring in the future," said a spokesman for Cube Entertainment, Wednesday (18/04/2012).

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